About Our New Web Site

[]We have restructured a great deal of our product line concentrating on the production and expansion of our automotive products.

Our new web site is here and we hope you find it useful and informative. You now have the opportunity to view our catalog pages in PDF or other formats.

 CAPABILITES AJ Manufacturing Co., Inc. employs state-of-the-art manufacturing & production equipment. We have cells of OKUMA vertical machining centers, OKUMA CNC lathes with IEMCA bar feeders, BLISS hot-forging presses, polishers, marking equipment, and a 6-Station Cold-former. We are one of only a handful of companies (and probably the only company our size) in the entire United States that has cold-forming capabilities. With our state-of-the-art equipment and our highly skilled machinists, AJ Manufacturing Co., Inc. is fully capable of low to high-volume production.

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One of the biggest advantages of dealing with AJ Manufacturing Co., Inc. is that you are dealing with the manufacturer. We are able to produce both high-volume and low-volume production runs. We have the flexibility to take on smaller, more specialized projects. This flexibility allows us to work more closely with our customers to produce products for which they may see a particular need.

MISSION/PHILOSOPHY The goal of AJ Manufacturing Co., Inc. is to provide the automotive market with timesaving, problem-solving tools. Today, there are numerous sources for automotive tools and we know this. So, at AJ Manufacturing, we manufacture specialty automotive tools that, for the most part, fill a particular niche. Our focus is on providing the highest quality products and a superior level of service to our customers WORLDWIDE.